Team - Doubleshot Coffee and Tea


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We are a small team of coffee & tea obsessed lunatics. Learn more about our dirty secrets here:

Alex C Kay 

Don’t expect to find this Highlander running around in a kilt. Alex hails from a different kind of shire. Alex is the 3rd generation in a line of tea and coffee growers in beautiful Malawi (Satemwa Estate). When Alex isn’t in the fields, he is making unique hand made African Artisanal teas (or replacing exploding generators).

Alain Rosa  

Alain has a drinking habit. But if thats not bad enough, he is the kind of degenerate that feels the need to give everyone else the same habit. Alain is Doubleshots coffee and tea pusher. The only problem is that, as everyone on the streets can tell you, its not a good idea to be a pusher and a user. At least we produce more than he can drink.

Ori Cohen 

Ori keeps the ship afloat. While the other team members drink themselves into a stupor, Ori is the guy that gets handed the keys and told to drive (metaphorically speaking of course dummy!). p.s. avoid crazy eyes.



Seriously. 100kg of coffee a batch? thats some serious production. That’s like, if Tomas was a wrestler, he would be the Undertaker, with his undies on his head. If Tomas was a joke, he would be the biggest, fattest your Mama joke you have ever heard. If Tomas was wildlife, he would be charging your car while you frantically backpedalled to save yourself from being squashed like a bug. You, get the idea. Tomas is with the team to handle big orders, with small batch skills.Tomas is the big guy lurking behind the nerd in the shadows, just in case you get any funny ideas.


100 years old and counting. Luigi, is our slightly senile, 7kg batch G.W.Barth roaster. Luigi is able to coax the smallest nuance out of micro-lots, and deliver sweet, consistent coffee time and again. Luigi keeps Doubleshot suitably serious and upholds decorum. Thats when Luigi’s addled metal brain remembers that he isn’t a bowl of cereal.


The little one! Super cute. Mini-me is where the magic begins. Made by Probat, this sample roaster is designed to roast 130gm batches, and us how we begin our roasting journey on all the beans that come into Doubleshot. Between the three roasters, we can roast from as small as 50gm through to a comfortable 34 ton/ month output. Thats a lot of coffee.


What spins around more than Kylie Minogue? What weighs more than Oprah Winfrey ? What brings more tears of joy to Ori’s dieting eyes than an all you can eat salad bar? Glenda! 4 tons of sweet rotating heavy metal, making tea leaves dance.