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Coffee Terminology

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Words the Describe Coffee…


The fragrance that coffee exudes, aroma is an extremely important aspect of coffee and it affects the way we perceive coffee’s flavour. A coffee’s aroma is also an indication of quality.


The bright taste that brings a coffee to life, acidity is usually experienced on your tongue’s backside.


A barista is the person who prepares coffee at a coffee bar.


Bland is a pale coffee flavour, typical in low grown Robusta coffee.


The weight of coffee, body is judged by letting the coffee rest on the tongue and then rubbing the tongue against the palate (mouth’s roof). It is determined by the amount of fat in the coffee and is measured as either mild, medium or full.


It is a salty sensation created by overheating after brewing.


This is an hourglass-shaped filter coffee brewer.

Clever Coffee Dripper

It is a stopper-equipped filter cone used to derive more flavour by steeping the coffee prior to dripping it.


Crema is thick, blended oil that is placed on top of an espresso.


Cupping is a method for tasting coffee used by professionals.

Dark Roast

Coffee is dark roast when the beans are roasted to the point that they give off oils.

Direct Trade

When coffee farmers instead of brokers sell coffee to roasters, the transaction is known as direct trade.

Drip Coffee

This is the method of coffee making that utilises a filter and a coffee maker to extract flavour simply by water contact instead of using steam pressure.


Extraction is deriving flavour from coffee ground. If flavour is under-extracted, the coffee will taste sour. If it is over-extracted, it will taste bitter.

Filter Coffee

Drip coffee that is made by using a cone lined with a paper filter is known as filter coffee. Professionals prefer this method since it lets them control the water temperature. Some people argue that unnecessary flavour is added by the filters.

Green Beans

Coffee beans are originally green; they are roasted to the brown colour we are accustomed to. So a green bean is one that hasn’t been roasted.

Latte Art

Latte art is the art of creating patterns on an espresso coffee by pouring steamed milk over the coffee.


A micro lot is a batch of coffee that is sourced from the same farm or a specific area of the same farm.

Nel Drip

Short for “flannel drip”, nel drip is a type of drip coffee that is made by using Japanese flannel filters.


It is the filter basket and handle on an espresso machine.

Pour-Over Coffee

A Japanese variation of drip coffee, pour-over coffee is where a slim stream of coffee is added slowly to water using a filter cone.


Puck is used up coffee from a portafilter.


An espresso combined with regular brewed coffee is known as redeye.

Roast Date

The roast date is printed on coffee bags. Coffee beans should ideally be utilised within 14 days of being roasted.

Seasonal Coffee

Coffee that appears in the market for a limited time is defined as seasonal coffee. This is because the beans ripen at different times of the year, depending on the location.


Siphon is a device that uses vacuum pressure and several containers to make coffee.


Tone is the coffee’s colour or appearance.


This term is used for a coffee flavour that is similar to fine red wine.