Guatemala SHB EP Huehuetenango Finca El Injerto – cup of excellence bean

new Guatemala cup of excellence bean in store

The farm is located in the municipality of La Libertad, Huehuetenango.  It has a total extension of 720 ha, of which 470 is a natural rainy forest which surrounds the coffee plantation, thus forming an ideal micro-climate for the cultivation. The coffee plantation is located at an altitude of from 4800 to 6500 f.a.s.l.
The farm is sub-divided into areas. Each area identified with name, extension, type of coffee variety planted, type of soil, etc., with the purpose of having a better handling of the plantation in accordance with nutritional needs of each variety and soil. The entire plantation is under shadow using different tree varieties (Inga spp.; Gravillea robusta and Macadamia integrifolia) and canopies.
The area planted with coffee at EL INJERTO is planted in about 60%, with a natural mixture of the varieties Catuai and Bourbon, these being the oldest varieties. Another 30% is occupied with the variety Bourbon, another 8% by variety Pacamaras and the remainder 2% is planted with Maragogype.
Cup flavour:  sweetness first, but also a strong floral, jasmine flavor. The acidity is what I would call “refined”, clean and well defined. Medium-to-bold intensity.  Extraordinary aromatics, sweetness, complexity.


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