Just because you eat bitter all day, doesn’t mean you have to swallow it. The Office Blend has been made with the mission of creating an outstanding coffee that will brew effectively in home and office coffee machines.

Smaller, non-cafe style, machines often battle with extraction and can result in sour, or sharp brews when trying to use light roasted speciality beans. The Office Blend is a project of ours to create a speciality grade coffee that will perform within these parameters. Expect bright flavours, but with the sweetness and syrupy mouthfeel, you would expect from commercial machines.

Our Current Office Blend comprises of an incredibly fresh El Salvador Bosque Lya Orange Bourbon. It is a speciality grade bean,  grown on the Ilamatepec volcano in the Santa Ana district, by the LyaCasdada. Aside from being a prior cup of excellence award winner, the farm is known for its stunning forests and wildlife. The batch we brought in is of the orange bourbon varietal, appropriately named for the cherries juicy orange “Trump”esque colour when ripe. 

Clean, sweet red apple on front palette & almonds, toasted macadamia, cashews amaretto in the middle and on the finish.

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