The Aeropress Project is our search for the ultimate Aeropress coffee. We really love the versatility and ease that Aeropress affords, with the right combination of grinding, swirling, flipping and squeezing. Given the choice of shooting up with a syringe in an alley or using one of these handy little plungers, we choose Aeropress every time. We are looking for juicy, sweet, and interesting beans for this project.  Our seasonal projects use fresh crops of speciality grade beans and maybe a blend or single bean depending on the seasons produce.

Our current Aeropress project comprises an all-time favourite bean. An Ethiopian, Kayon Mountain.  Its grown at 1900 – 2100 masl, is a Heirloom varietal and is naturally processed. It’s grown in the Guji Zone, Oromia in the southern part of Ethiopia and the farm is owned by Ato Esmael and his family. The farm was established for the sole purpose of growing speciality coffee in a socially responsible manner. 

Forest honey, juicy blueberries, violet, lime, milk chocolate finish and intense sweetness. 

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