Iced Coffee - Doubleshot Coffee and Tea

Iced Coffee

Ok time for us to learn you a thing or 3 about iced coffee beverages (P.S. Our learning is a work in progress, so send your comments, curse us out, or let us know if you love it.)


1. Doubleshot of espresso – We suggest our current Brasil for its smooth, nutty flavour and good. Choose something with good body, warm chocolate, nut or vanilla notes like a Central American.

2. Ice-cubes 180 gm –  This is important folks, if the cubes are slushy or hollow, you will need to adjust the volume

3. 1 tsp of Condensed milk – this gives a little depth to the mouthfeel and is optional

4. 20gm of sugar or sugar substitute – also optional

5. 125 gm of milk or your favourite dairy substitute – this is not optional. If you choose to leave this out, i dont know what your making but its not a frappocino, its something else!!

Throw it all into a good blender, if your blender sucks your going to battle. keep going until you have the consistency of soft serve ice cream

Pro Tips – 

  • Start with pulsing the blender, it helps
  • Pant to relieve brain freeze.
  • You can use left over shots for this application without sacrificing quality.
  • Unsalted cashew nuts are a great addition



Super easy and really delicious. If you want to preserve the brighter, juicier flavours in an iced coffee then this is a great method. By comparison,  full immersion methods of cold brewing tend to dull the acidity creating a thicker, sweeter iced coffee. (you will need a V60 for this).

1.15 grams fresh coffee (filter ground or similar to table salt)  – We suggest a juicy fruity bean like our current Kenya – AA Kainamui, Fruit Ninja or a similar bright bean.

2. Ice Ice Baby – 83 grams will do the job. Pop it into  your receptacle of choice (cup/jug/bucket whatever you drink from, we don’t judge). Put a bit of attention into the amount of ice, the dilution makes a difference and you may want to tweak it to taste.

3.  Water –  165 gm  just off the boil around 90 c.  Remember, better quality water makes better quality coffee. That simple, so filter it if your local source is kinda funky.

Making the magic happen

Wash your filter to make sure there is no bleach flavours. Place your V60 over your receptacle with ice.  Next, add the coffee, and pour a small amount of water to allow the coffee to bloom. After about 30 to 45 seconds, when the coffee starts to collapse, start pouring the rest of your water. Use a circular, even pour around the edges of the coffee to ensure that all the coffee is not adhering to the sides of the V60. Aim for between 2:30 and 3 min for the whole procedure.

japanese iced pour over


Pro Tips – 

  • If the coffee lacks a full flavour, feels somewhat dry on the tongue, try adjusting your ratio of water.
  • Don’t fill your mouth with ice and pour direct into your gaping jaw. Although this is appealing and will earn you party points, the splash will scald your face.
  • Grind the coffee fresh, it makes a difference.
  • Give a good stir to ensure all the flavours are properly distributed.


Next up: Pumpkin Spice Late

A little more effort, but a lot of fun.

1. Boil up some pumpkin. (you will need 1 TBSP/ freezo, but the rest freezes well.)

2. 1/2 Vanilla Essence

3.Shot of our Chai concentrate. Or  alternately you can combine  1 TBSP sugar with a pinch of ground ginger, Cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice.

4. 1/2 cup of ice.

5. 1/2 cups of milk

6. Doubleshot of Espresso – we suggest our Malawi for this, with its great body.


Blend it! Drink it! 

Pro Tips – 

  • If its too thin, add some more pumpkin or ice cubes. If its too thick, add some milk until its the consistency of soft serve ice cream
  • Serve it in a mini pumkin!

Next up: Vietnamese Iced Coffee

This is our take on a delicious classic. Admittedly its not the healthiest option but as occasional treat its got to be no worse than most of the crp we stick into our beleaguered bodies.

1. Espresso – Double of course! We suggest a bean with a bit of  punch, our barista blend will do juuust fine for this one.

2. Condensed milk –  2 tablespoons

3. Tumbler of ice

Add it all together, stir it, or shake it up.

Pro Tips – 

  • Use a cocktail shaker to combine the ingredients.


Next up: Festive Iced Coffee

So Santa won’t visit your kids because Africa is just too damn hot. Instead you get guys crawling down your chimney, busting through your windows and stuffing their socks with all your presents. So what’s a guy to do who wants to keep the season traditional, but duck the heat? Enter our “Festive Iced Coffee“! So whether its cinnamon latkes or its fruit pies this recipe is the perfect festive accompaniment.


festive chai

1. Espresso – Double of course!

2. Doubleshot Chai concentrate-  1/2 a shot

3. Tumbler of ice (aprox 250gm)

4. Milk or your favourite milk substitute (150gm).

5. Steamed froth, Plunger frothed milk or whipped cream (for topping)

Add it all together, stir it, or shake it up.

Pro Tips – 

  • Layer the Espresso shot in after the ice and milk to look super pro.


Next up: Cold Brew – full immersion method

Full immersion methods are  typically thick, syrupy sweet with low acidity.  If you have a delicate constitution then consider this brew technique. One thing to bear in mind is that immersion methods tend to extract a lot of caffeine.

 Prep in the evening and enjoy it first thing in the morning. 

1. Water- 1000 gm

2. Doubleshot coffee – course grind – 180 gm

(or 18gm/100ml water) 

3. Infuse for between 12 and 18 hours.

4. Gently depress the plunger and serve over ice. 



Pro Tips – 

  • Try bloom the coffee with a small amount of hot water at beginning of the brew, before adding the cold water.
  • Ambient room temperature is best for the brewing, thereafter store what you have left over in the fridge.

We suggest using our Malawi or one of our Burundi beans for a more fruity, rich and berry like cup.


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