Foxy Brown is all about making your face dance and your tongue tap. Big body, unusually funky flavours and sweet notes dominate what is a syrupy flavour explosion. We are not interested in balance, we are trying to dial up the funk with this one.

This Foxy Brown features a natural processed El Salvadorian bean from the Los Pirineos coffee estate . The farm has been in the Baraona family for 120 years, and is located at the top of the Tecapa Volcano. Varietals used in this fresh crop are Bourbon, Pacas, and Pacamara. The bean scored an impressive 88.5 on the SCAA rating. Expect big bold funky flavours.

As an Espresso: Rum, Banana, Pineapple dominate the espresso.
With milk: Fresh cream, almonds, fudge, condensed milk.

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sweet sweet foxy brown ??

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