Colombia Hacienda la Claudina

The plantation has a size of around 18 hectares and possesses their own water treatment plant. The combination of altitude, moist warm mountain wind from the Choco rainforest and fertile volcanic soil is ideal for the production of exclusive highland coffees. La Claudina lies at an altitude of 1300- 1780 m.

The coffee is 100% fully washed and consists of the Columbian variety Castillo, which is characterized by its resistance to disease. The harvest takes place between September and December. During this time, almost 60 plantation workers harvest and select the fines beans.

The Hacienda La Claudina Colombia is characterized by a full-bodied, complex flavor; a combination of fruity and floral notes where citrus and cassis flavors dominate. A great single origin espresso for those who are looking for something special and appreciated