Brasil – Serra Negra estate – unwashed

Hazelnuts. they just about bite you back when you sip the cup. The distinct hazelnut flavour dominates the espresso and pushes through in milk application, playing backup are malty notes, butter, milk chocolate and a mild acidity. The final picture is an extremely smooth, approachable cup that shines in espresso and cappuccino.

Brewing suggestion

We thought this bean shines best as an Espresso and cappuccino/cortado. We suggest a longer extraction (34 seconds) as a starting point to get the full chocolate flavours

Some Geeky stuff

Country: Brazil
Region: Cerrado
Micro Region Bela Vista
Farm: Serra Negra
Altitude: 1100 masl
Variety: Red and Yellow Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Drying: Sun dried

Some more 

The estate has been in the Nakao family for close to 30 years and has established a reputation for quality and environmentalism.

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