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Matcha – St Patricks Day Special

im a matcha nutcase, cannot get enough of for now we are starting with some very basic matcha offerings to get you all green for st patricks day. Matcha lattes and Matcha freezochinos. soon we will be offering more traditional Matcha tea fair. check out our learn about tea segment to find out more […]

Operation Cherry Red Sidamo-3

Operation Cherry Red (OCR) is a small scale quality project to inspire producers to make the best possible quality washed, pulped natural, natural and trial coffees. A selected group of farmers/producers participate and produce micro-lots with only 100% red ripe cherries, carefully hand selected several times. They are assisted with pre-finance, new hardware and knowledge. […]

Roasting Brasil Fazenda Jacaranda coffee

wow, what an interesting bean. This coffee has been full of surprises from the roast to the cup. I was expecting an outstanding coffee from this famous estate, but i definitely had no idea what was coming my way. The first surprise was the altitude. Brasil coffee are infamously soft, and low grown. First roast […]