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Restaurants: How Coffee Affects Your Cash

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If you’re a restaurant owner, serving up quality food, with friendly and fast service gives you enough on your plate – why worry about your coffee too when it’s secondary to your core business? In reality, coffee is one of the most important influencers on your bottom line.  (First and) last impressions count the most – […]

Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee

Decaf coffee is usually something we don’t discuss at Doubleshot. Sure we roast it for some of our wholesale clients, but we never sell it in our store. We make snide comments about decaff. We immediately draw conclusions about the supposedly suspect moral character of decaf. What’s their agenda drinking that stuff anyway? See what […]

Craft Iced Tea – Real Tea Brewed Fresh

One of the things that makes Doubleshot’s Craft Iced Tea different is the main ingredient – tea. We brew fresh tea from leaf – no extracts, syrups or artificial additives. This means you’re getting the freshest flavour, exactly as tea should be. With decades of experience in speciality tea – from farming to concocting exotic seasonal […]

Doubleshot Craft Iced Tea – Finally Here

When we decided to translate our years of tea-blending into Craft Iced Tea, we knew it would take a lot of hard work, but that ultimately rewarding. We’re so excited to announce that the reward – for both us and you – has arrived. Over the past few weeks, we’ve tweaked recipes to be just […]

High Tea now serving at Doubleshot


Join us every afternoon for High Tea right here in downtown Joburg. For R150 you get to choose one of these two menus: Middle Eastern Tea: A pot of Moroccan Mint tea served with toasted pita, homemade hummus and tahina, olives, pickled chillis, matbucha and roasted eggplant Classic High Tea: A pot of African Breakfast tea […]

Coffee & Chocolate expo

Come visit us at the coffee & chocolate expo happening at monte casino 18th july. Meet Alex & Annette from the estate and have a drink with the local team too. We will be showcasing some chocolate inspired tea blends, and serving up cascara iced tea & our ever popular Satemwa coffee.