Welcome to Doubleshot Coffee & Tea. Small batch coffee roasters and artisanal tea blenders.

Our vision is to handcraft products that our clientele will love, and that will express our artisanal approach. At Doubleshot, we pride ourselves in having an authentic, honest approach to coffee & tea. For this reason, we constantly challenge tradition and convention in a quest for perfection. Because we are involved in the full process from growing to serving of the coffee and tea, we appreciate the attention to detail needed at every point in order to produce the best products possible.

First, we hand-select the best seasonal beans, leaves and ingredients we can find. Then we use precision methods of small-batch roasting and blending in an attempt to reveal the best characteristics of the coffee and tea. Rigorous cupping and quality control from every batch ensure consistency and high standards.  Finally, we provide training to our clientele to ensure that they are also able to get the most out of their tea and coffee.

At Doubleshot, we are serious about tea and coffee, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you would like to produce exceptional coffee & tea in your establishment then consider us for your wholesale needs.

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